26 May 2015


A whole week between posts, that's unforgivable. Have been in a funk of sorts, felt like I had nothing much to say. As well as being crazy-busy and not really having time to THINK of anything momentous to say. So all in all, a wipe-out of a week. Thought I'd try something new to kick-start my writing again, here's 10 tiny thoughts currently bouncing round my brain...
1. Have inadvertently taken 2 weeks off running. This probably hasn't helped my state of mind one jot so am back on it tonight at 7pm, no more excuses.
2. Tenants apparently move into old house today. This is making me feel literally sick to the stomach. I don't know why, think it's just such a huge responsibility. I hate it!
3. BFF's birthday today and it'll be the first time I've seen her since her mother-in-law gave me a telling off at sports day. That's also making me feel sick to the stomach and I don't even know why, since I'm fairly confident I was in the right...
4. Niece is coming on Thursday for a photo shoot in the garden. Crazy sister has invited along Nana, Mamar, Auntie and Cousin for a jolly under the guise of 'well, they haven't seen your new house yet... and I thought it would be nice...' The mere thought of this is causing me a headache, may have to think of an excuse why this shouldn't happen.
5. Buzz Lightyear is obviously being sat on by something or someone and keeps making noises in the empty playroom. Makes me feel less alone while Baby naps!
6. My FitBit should arrive today, woo!
7. Have finally, after 8 weeks of standing around watching children play in the garden, ordered new patio furniture which should be delivered in a week or so. That's exciting!
8. The luncheon we're holding for Cancer Research is a sell-out with 146 tickets all gone, am so happy, and very proud that this year I have my very own table of 10 wonderful girlfriends attending with me!

 9. It is cold enough today that I felt dreadful for taking Baby out in short sleeves and a gilet. It is meant to be May.
 and 10. I wish I'd remembered to buy frozen peas for tonight's tea. Bugger!

I feel better now, like that's 10 little thoughts I don't have to worry about any more. They are free in the universe and therefore no longer my responsibility! Ha ha!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, shall be back tomorrow with a post on starting school *weeps into hanky x

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