14 May 2015

Wardrobe layout

I am aware, even as I write these opening words, that this may well be the most disastrous blog post ever known to man. I am not gifted at taking photos, and as such, writing a post around such a photo-dependent topic may prove to be a bit of a flop! Anyhoo, on we forge...
So after months of trying to re-establish some small element of style to my day-to-day life with two small boys, I have made good head way into developing my wardrobe. Essentially I want to be able to fling open the doors (mental note, ask Husband to fix wardrobe doors), see a good range of easy to wear, capsule pieces that pretty much all go with each other in some combo or another, grab a scarf and a pair of earrings and run. Because, let's face it, that's all I have time for.
So far I've written the list of all I own, written the shopping list for pieces I wanted to add this season (and tried damn hard not to veer too far from it) and then identified the fact that my storage just wasn't really working for me.
So here's the new approach. In our new master bedroom there is a dressing room with 4/5 floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. The doors keep falling off the runners, the combination of rails and shelves isn't exactly as I'd like, the carpet at the bottom is threadbare...but it is there and it is solid and it WILL become a closet of dreams!! Bristol friends were travelling through here on the way to the Lakes recently and since they'd inherited some white bedroom furniture of ours when we sold the cottage down south we asked if they'd like the matching chests of drawers. They jumped at the chance, which then meant I had 5 days until they passed through on the way home and would collect them.
You may remember these were the drawers that held, wedding dress aside, my entire wardrobe. Eeshk!
So I had piles of stuff everywhere, Husband kept wandering in, chuntering about my incessant need to change things, then wandering off quickly incase he was roped in to help. Jen (from I Heart Organizing) always says that when you start a new project it is best to start with a blank canvas and I could already see that, if my stuff was going to work the way I wanted then Husband's gear was all going to have to switch around. So out came Husband's jumpers, tops, jeans...you name it, I had a pile of it in that small dressing room that morning.
This is about the time where I thought, I kinda like everything on the floor, at least I can see it...? and was tempted to walk out the door backwards and never return...!!
But I persevered and this is what the eventual result was...
OK, so this is the middle section of my side, where I have put (starting from the top) my beloved handbags, pjs, makeup and everyday toiletries, underwear, second drawer is Husband's underwear, then we have 3 shelves of heels and ballet pumps and daps. Pleas excuse Baby eating those beads, anything for a quiet 3 minutes!
On the left it looks a bit sad. This area of clothing may need some focus come Autumn?! At the top we have sweaters and lightweight jumpers and then at the bottom we have jackets. Heavy winter coats are currently hiding in the huge wardrobes in Toddler's room with our ski gear...may move them across here, may not?!

This is the door that gets opened the most. Here we have tunics and day dresses alongside multiple (read: far too many) stripy t-shirts. And then below we have all trousers. The new bins at the bottom are this week's TKMaxx find (God I love that place!) and currently hold running gear and 'items of clothing that will not hang on a regular hanger and need one with clips'!! That's a technical label obviously.

Here you can see what I like to refer to as the 'messy corner of shit' which is Husband's fifth of the space. It's my own fault for giving him the crappy area I didn't want. He hates the deep shelves that fill that corner so consequently refuses to fold anything and just throws gear in, making an unsightly mess. I try hard not to open this door unless I need my tall boots which hide at the bottom. It makes me sad. Anyhoo... he has tops and jeans and chinos and shorts and some smart tops hanging up. It's all a mish-mash. I can't bear it. Close door quickly!

And the last door on the right is ball gowns, dressy dresses, my wedding dress...things that need hanging up and need keeping but really take up rather a lot of space and don't get used that often. This is why I hire ball gowns!
So there you have it. The pictures are dreadful and for that I apologise. But it gives you an idea of the approach I'm using right now. I'm hoping it works, if only to help me analyse my wardrobe even further and notice where the gaps are on a visual level. Even writing this made me think about the whole jacket issue as a thing to focus on next. Or as Leeds Dad would put it 'do you wear that gilet every f*cking day?' Lovely!!

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