31 May 2015

So long May, here comes June!

The picture above is what I'd like June to be like please. Sunnies, flip flops, maybe some sand, def some sunshine...and a coconut with an umbrella!! There should always be a coconut with an umbrella!

Here's some things we're all excited about for the upcoming month...

New garden furniture arrives this week. Prospect of sitting down outside while Toddler and Baby and friends play is making me want to pee my pants a little bit. Exciting times!

We're off to Liverpool to meet Auntie and Niece for the day. Yes, it's a very long way and yes, I'm panicking about Baby and the journey but yes, we are well overdue a trip up there and yes, it will soon be over. I'm being mean. It'll be fine once we arrive (still sits here thinking of reasons why we can't go...)

Nana and Ukelele Guy are coming for supper on Friday night and both boys are looking forward to seeing them. Love some quality family time. Main aim of the evening is to get Nana to put her iPhone down. We'll see how we go.

Eco-Mama's little one turns 4 this week and we've been invited to the bash. Toddler and he are kindred spirits and really enjoy playing together so that will be lovely, can't wait!

Nana, Auntie and I are doing the Race for Life on Sunday. This is now a bit of a tradition, one which has been going for 5/6 years without my express enthusiasm. The first year we did it I was unfit, then I was pregnant, then I was unfit again, then it was too hot to move, then I was breastfeeding, finally this year I am actually in some sort of shape and not totally dreading it. Mainly, am just hoping all my running with Yummy Mummy and Lawyer Mama will mean that I won't spend the majority of the thing huffing and puffing and having to listen to my mother comment on how, even though she's 30 years older than me, she's just as fast. Grr!

Our Cancer Research annual luncheon is the weekend after and this year I've got a table of fabulous girlfriends going, can't WAIT! There's an indian summer's inspired menu, childcare provided by the menfolk and a lot of champagne on ice, weeee!

Toddler has his two taster days in Kindergarten coming up this month. This is something HE is excited about so I added it to the list...but Mama hasn't yet decided how she feels. I'm excited, and nervous and quite close to shrieking 'no, no, no, I've changed my mind...' and rushing him back to the safety and security of our own four walls. We'll see how I get on.

The local boys' grammar school where nephew attends has their annual ball coming up this month too (say what you like about this place 8 months of the year but they really do excel themselves over Summer and those 2.5weeks at Christmas) Really need to sort a dress for that so we don't wind up having the same 2-days-before-an-event-I've-known-about-for-months-so-what-the-feck-shall-I-wear angst. Groan!

Then we have the annual school event for the school Toddler is about to join which is usually a black tie, glamorous, strictly for adults only, drink all you like, affair and this year is....a barndance. Can't say I'm excited about this event, am reluctantly attending purely to see Husband and Leeds Dad fall over themselves doing the grapevine in stetsons. Should be worth a laugh!

Ooh and then it's hair straightening time again. No more sleeping like a corpse trying to get the damn stuff to lie flat, weeeeee mega thrills! It's a terribly boring process that takes bloody hours and stinks the house out but sooooo worth it. Can't wait.

Bring it on, June, we're thrilled to have you. But you HAVE to bring tan lines!!

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