4 May 2015

The funk

Hmm, now this week has been hard work. I am exhausted, literally have no energy for anything and mornings stretch ahead of me like marathons I need to run just so I can lie down when Baby does. I am cross. Irritable. Short-tempered. Snappy. All the above... I constantly feel like I'm either going to cry or stamp my feet and I am really nervous. I have that angst-ridden, butterflies in my tummy, killed someone and might get found out sensation going on and yet, as far as I'm aware, I haven't done anything bad I should be angsting over??
I thought I was doing so well without my happy pills but looking in my diary and noting how long it's been since I stopped taking them I'm left wondering, is 8 weeks how long it takes for them to leave your system? Is that why I'm feeling so rough? And if so, what's the plan? I really fucking hate being broken and needing medication to function. But I hate the mum I am much, much more when I'm snappy and miserable. My babies don't deserve that. No one deserves that!
Have bought a bottle of Floradix from Holland and Barrett to see if that makes much difference to my energy levels...fingers crossed it does and then maybe I won't feel quite so inept. Other than that I really haven't planned, we shall see what next week brings I suppose. 
Hoping your week goes more smoothly than mine 😉

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