18 May 2015

Ozzy Girl

is going to be a MAMA!!!
Got a little scan photo sent by text today and burst into tears. Am so deliriously happy for her and her Husband.
She was the wild one at uni, friend of a friend, met on a drunken night out and bonded immediately. She's always the last one standing at a party, first to kick her shoes off, often loses her bag and keys. She's far too blunt for her own good and I'm far too sensitive. Often we've cried and fought and grumped. But I love love love her and when her shit of a first Husband upped and left (teenage sweethearts, married straight after graduation, didn't see it coming at all...) we knew of the perfect guy to introduce her to. Off she jetted, to Australia, for 12 months of healing and when she came back we said 'Ozzy Girl, meet Best Man, Best Man, meet Ozzy Girl...' and that was it. Bam.
And now they're going to be parents. Best Man is just the most perfect Daddy-to-be, kind and thoughtful and fun and energetic and apprehensive but methodical. She's flaky and confident and fun and relaxed.
Am so excited to buy teeny tiny babygrows again. And also, is this weird, oddly jealous?? I want to be the one at scans and with a bump. This is an extremelt strange reaction because I detest being pregnant more than life itself. Hmm...Bizarre!
Am off to shop online...x

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