5 May 2015

Questionable taste

Having gained an extra downstairs living area when we moved we are now on the hunt for a few pieces of furniture. I've spent hours on Pinterest and design websites and have tried really hard to embrace the 'retro vintage Victorian terrace house with modern funky art work thrown in' feel that's quite popular right now and if we had bought that style of house I think it's the approach we would have taken. But we didn't. So I am fast realising that our cottage is quite traditional and as such needs tartan armchairs and cozy throws, footstools and reading lamps. 
Well. Just as I start pinning items from English Country Garden Homes (insert own middle-class cliche magazine title here) Husband gets involved. 
Do you remember a TV show called the Jetsons? It was a bit like the Flinstones but set in space? I don't know many details since we didn't have a television when I was younger (long story for another day) but I remember the general jist of it. And basically it would appear that I am married to a man who would quite like to replicate the Jetsons' living room in our cottage. I'm talking metal. Glass. Angular. Pointy. Retro. Essentially, ugly. 
It started off with a few random chairs being added to our 'watch list' on eBay then escalated into email links for my perusal. I have mainly been either ignoring said emails or nodding and smiling when he asks what I think. Then taking my top off to distract him!! But this evening it all came to a horrific head. 
I was working on the large PC we have in our dining room and he cornered me and demanded a response. Aargh. I tried diplomacy with 'I'm not entirely sure they fit with the feel of the cottage we're going for...??' but quickly panicked and wound up shrieking 'it looks like a dentist's chair, please just DELETE IT, it's VILE...'and then wincing. The shame!!
We haven't spoken in 2 hours. He may well announce he's moving to the space station tomorrow!

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