10 May 2015

Forward planning...

And so we find ourselves at Sunday night again. What is it about weekends that makes them so fleeting, so short?!
Have poured myself a large glass of wine and am sitting at the dining room table scrutinising the week ahead's planner pages. This is a necessary evil if I'm going to have half a chance at achieving half the things I'd like to this week!
The next 7 days bring:
3 nursery drop offs and 3 nursery pick ups
1 visit from niece
1 coffee morning here with the NCT babies
1 playgroup session 
A very long list of random bits and bobs I need to buy in town (random as in a watch battery, veg for a stew, bread and a new phone holder for running!!)
A visit from Nana
A trip to the space museum with our eldest godson
Massive family supper on our return 
Deep clean at old house before tenants move in next week (that'll be my job then, sigh!)
1 swimming lesson for Toddler (he only has 2 left, that's a whole other post, bloody inept swim teachers and beurocracy, I have written a letter of complaint!)
1 swimming lesson for Baby (he's a Water Baby and my God do they know what they're doing, would recommend them to anyone!)
Ooh and a photo shoot for Toddler at nursery. Will be lovely to see the difference between this week and last year's angelic, baby-faced shot!!

It's all written down, in different coloured pens, with post-it's and stickers and corresponding reminders on my phone. The menu has been planned, the uniform has been washed and dried and ironed, the runs/golf times for Husband and I have been squeezed in come hell or high water. 

Let's see how we do. Good luck everyone!

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