30 April 2015


That's 3 people in our house now who have runny noses. Not like 'uh oh I've got a slight sniffle, might go and find a tissue in a minute', more like 'holy CRAP there's a SLUG hanging out of your nose, we need to find a wetwipe NOW'. It's nothing if not gross having two boys. Gah!
In other news, my high turn-up jeans arrived from Next and were perfect apart from some really odd stitching they'd decided to put on both knees...so back they went. Groan.
And nPower are being totally and utterly useless...was told to ring and complain if I hadn't heard anything by 9.30am on call-out day. It's now 10.36am and guess what?? Bit bored now. Might go and install a new boiler myself. It'd be faster and probably just as safe.
OMG Dog has just vommed up his breakfast all over the dining room floor.
I am not having a very good day :-(

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