22 April 2015

What a productive day!

The list of things I have achieved today is quite incredible, by anyone's standards. And this is AFTER I'd woken, fed, watered, dressed, packed bags for two children and driven one to nursery.
I have returned 200 plastic balls to Argos as Husband finally conceded that a ball pit was a dumb-as-fuck idea for Baby's first birthday (thank you Jesus!)
Returned some trousers to Next that I grabbed the other day thinking they would look fabulous on BFF. A 10 were too big. No words!
Mooched round TKMaxx. In itself this is not productive BUT I did find 3 potential pieces of cheap and cheerful furniture for the house which is good inspiration AND resisted buying all kinds of tat we don't need so that's amazing in my book.
Sorted out Baby's birthday gift for a whopping 50% off retail price, hazzah!! Went with the swing/slide/climbing frame combo idea in the end and found a sturdy one for only £200. Sold out everywhere due to moneysupermarket.com advertising it all over the bloody place but I HAVE MINE and that's all that matters. It won't be here on time for the big day which is equal parts unforgivable and irrelevant since he is 1 and doesn't know where his own nose is so won't much notice the glaring lack of gift tomorrow morning. She says. Hoping he's not scarred for life!!
Met gorgeous friends for lunch in nearby market town and discovered new restaurant/cafe type thing which is both aesthetically pleasing and has an excellent, well-priced menu. Score!
Did some shopping and managed to buy Baby's 'want' gift from us, Toddler's present to him, an outfit for myself (blame Posh Mama entirely as she was standing outside the changing room shrieking things like 'dahling it's FABulous, buy it at once, you look stunning, I simply can't TAKE it...', ridiculous!!) and a little 'happy not your birthday' gift for Toddler. It's the first one and while I don't buy into the concept, I don't want him to feel left out totally. So I bought him some CVC flashcards! Poor kid #exteacher
I went and picked up the birthday balloons for tomorrow, ordered the party balloons for Sunday, collected Toddler from nursery, fed and watered and bathed the pair of them, wrestled them both into bed, made Husband some supper, collected 32 golf bags from B&M (don't ask, party theme, cheaper than filling 32 party bags I'll wager??), did a quick shop in Waitrose for tomorrow's party tea, loaded the dishwasher, made 2 phonecalls, replied to one party invite (the biter from nursery who is celebrating at the local noro-virus ridden soft play, shucks we're busy, soz!), printed off 32 golf bag name labels and emailed a company who hire out crazy golf sets on a whim.
I can not believe Baby is 1 year old tomorrow. That means it has been 364 days since Husband announced he had a meeting in London that he simply couldn't miss and I said 'just go, it'll be fine, what are the odds?!' (Pretty fucking good it turns out, Baby arrived as Husband was on a Virgin Pendolino racing home, durrh!) He is such a happy chappy. On the whole. Let's just pray he doesn't wake up covered in the pox tomorrow...

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