25 April 2015

Parties (and the loan you have to take out to pay for them)

Baby turns 1. Husband bemoans the visa bill.

So far the list is as follows:
Birthday t-shirt
Birthday hat
4 presents from Mama and Husband (play, read, want, need!)
Present from Toddler
Food and cake for birthday tea
Photo shoot to remember what he looked like!
Thank you cards
Hall booking fee
Baby sensory woman
Bouncy castle to entertain older ones
Food and drinks for 32 children
32 party bags
Balloons for birthday tea
Balloons for party

It's quite ridiculous. Only 2 more to though (Husband fast realised after the extravaganza that was Toddler's first birthday party that this was something to curb, so he agreed to 3 big parties for each child and no more. Toddler doesn't really understand this rule and is busy planning his 4th birthday in his head. That's gonna go down like a sack o'spuds!!)

Roll on 4.30pm tomorrow!!

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