28 April 2015


I'm beginning to wonder if I've angered the Gods. I fought tooth and nail to get this house and I appear to be paying the price...
Latest cash hemmorhage is the boiler at the old house. We've rented it out, people move in in a few weeks, and last week was the annual boiler service. Should have been a non-issue, a pure technicality, done and dusted within an hour. We'd mentioned the boiler was leaking water so we'd need a small repair at the same time. But then the Gods stepped in. 
Apparently they did the quickest of quick services and buggered off, then cancelled our cover because my father-in-law told them it was a rental (helpful!), so refused to come back and fix the existing repair, then accepted their balls-up but made us take out a new policy, have hounded us with phone calls to book an introductory service (surely we don't need one since you apparently did one two weeks ago???), finally agreed to come and fix the repair but failed to show up and now the boiler has died completely. They're apparently coming out again on Thursday. I can see a 2k new boiler invoice coming our way.  
*hands boiler issue swiftly over to Husband. Can't deal with that any longer. Will scream!
Oh, and the gas safety certificate guy came out to check the appliances. Only to tell me that a) he can't do the boiler coz it's broken and b) our hob is unsafe. The hob Husband fitted and insisted was fine and I subsequently used for 18 months? Yeah, that one. FFS! Luckily, that'll only be £120 to fix. But even so...
Sigh. Might nip outside and sacrifice a pig or something...

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