27 January 2016

On purchases...

Let's sweep a tiny fact under the carpet before we get started this morning:
1. I am not meant to be shopping
That's it. Let's just put a pin in it for the moment (pop) and have a look at this month's purchases. Some of these aren't even for me, I know, I'm growing up!!

Inspired by this image below, the fabulous Esther from The Spike, I have gone ahead and invested in some 'girlfriend' jeans and a new jumper.


Obviously, because I am boring and nothing if not a creature of boring habit, I bought mine from Boden. And because the only grey jumper they had was light grey (gak) I went with black.

Since there was 20% off with the code G7B5 I went all maverick and impulsive and bought a new long line Breton too BUT I bought it in CHARCOAL (I know, sit down!!)

(This Mama is crazy and likes to mix it up!)

Boy is going to be a tiger in next week's class assembly so, of course, this had to be bought immediately...

(It is currently being held hostage at the local sorting office, a situation we hope to rectify this morning. FFS...)

Now that the boys have their own room at Nana's house, I am getting somewhat sick of hoiking a cotbed duvet and pillow to Lichfield every other weekend (it's ruining the novelty factor of them actually having somewhere to sleep, let me tell you!) So I invested in a second set...

(Duvets are currently 20% off on Mothercare's website)

Obviously, since I had bought a new duvet I now needed to invest in a new duvet cover BUT this was not a frivolous purchase (hear me out) because at our house the boys share a space themed bedroom and Baby was still sleeping under a boat themed duvet cover (I know, call Childline!) So, bought a cute star duvet cover for home and will send the boat duvet cover to Nana's!

(The set we bought is now sold out but there a few beautiful sets left on sale)

Today's item of lust is the ever-cool white trainer. I already have a pair of white Converse but am after something a bit more like these...

(You know, the exact same trainers you had and hated for Games lessons at high school...?)

So once Baby is in bed, and once I've packed the swim bags/loaded the dishwasher I shall be scouring the internet for some I adore! We can't leave the house due to aforementioned tiger suit being redelivered at some point... Hump day has to have some perks, right?!

Have a fun Wednesday, everyone x

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