22 January 2016

Friday Favourites

Here are 5 of my favourite things, most of which are connected to things going on this weekend:

1. Bristol. Heading over to Lichfield straight after the school run this evening, staying there tonight altogether and then first thing in the morning Husband and I are OFF. Granted, the romantic overnight stay in Cheltenham has been scrapped but hey, it's still 16 hours in my beloved city seeing two of my most favourite girls followed by a looooong lie-in in my own bed. I'll take it!!

2. Nana! God bless Nanas. My mother hasn't been on top form for the last four years, for obvious reasons, but the start of 2016 sees her in such a good, positive place. I'm hoping this is the start of a whole new Nana. Am so grateful that she's having the boys this weekend, they are delirious with excitement (Nana says 'yes' to a lot of questions Mama normally says 'no' to, such as 'Can we use all the sofa cushions to make a fort?' and 'Can we have pancakes covered in syrup for breakfast?'!!) and apart from one or two lovely ladies, she's the only person in the world I'll hand them over to so... she's a star.

3. M&S jeggings. They stretch, they fit perfectly, they're cheap, they go with everything, they're high waisted!!, they come in 42 different colours and lengths...what's not to love?! Treated myself to a new pair this morning (old pair had a hole, which I discovered after I'd walked the whole length of the High Street, the shame!!)

4. Talking of M&S, they're one of the only places where I can find 'baby' vests with poppers at the bottom in age 2-3yrs. Now, I accept that most 2/3 year olds might be wearing 'big boy vests' but this little 21 month old is loooong in the body and frankly, his 18-24m vests were causing him to stoop, so short were they in the body. Poor kid. So I whizzed up there this morning, grabbed some jeggings for myself!, and also found these in the right size. Days of the week vests. Hurrah. They are in the wash right now and then I'll throw them in his suitcase for the weekend. This will be the last size of baby vests he wears...must. not. cry!!

5. Trunki. I must admit, the first time I packed Boy's Trunki I thought, well this is feckin' useless, I can't fit shit in here. But that was when I was a new mother and felt the need to pack nearly every item of clothing he owned for an overnight stay. Now, with two busy boys, I'm a massive fan of 'one emergency change of clothes and if necessary we'll buy new / do a quick wash'. Hence, everything now fits in said Trunki and I adore them!! The boys have the Gruffalo and blue dinosaur versions below and love them. Just the right size for a weekend trip, IF you pack correctly. And sit on the lid to get it to lock!

And there you have it. 5 random things that make me smile today.

If you popped by yesterday, you'll be pleased to know that Boy skipped into school much happier this morning, glove-gate doesn't appear to have had any lasting therapy-requiring effects (which is always a relief!)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. I shall be in my element tomorrow, uni friends, a long lunch out without children in my favourite city followed by a 30th birthday bash for a bestie. I shall probably cry on the M5 when Husband finally drags me back home, but I don't think that will ever change. 

Disclaimer: Due to timing issues, Nana has agreed to cook this Sunday's roast dinner. I tell ya, she's a keeper!

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