6 January 2016

Mixing a new item into your wardrobe

Now, some of you might remember that Husband very sweetly bought me this coat for Christmas...
Double-breasted wool coat

I love it, it fits really well, is great quality and it filled the warm/grown-up/smart coat-hole in my wardrobe perfectly. Thing is, I sometimes think it's a bit tooooo smart for me? I spend my life in jeans and a tshirt (no matter how hard I try not to...!) so my outfit-planning post this morning is some inspiration for how I'm going to utilise this amazing item in my day-to-day choices.

First up, I love this image. She has literally thrown it on over my normal school-run uniform. I'm not convinced on the black socks obvs, but the rest of it is totally plausible.


This image is making me realise how badly I a) need to purchase black Chelsea boots and b) lose 4 stone and c) grow my hair out. Am ignoring the cigarette (gak!)

Malgosia Bela - Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 Street Style find more women fashion on www.misspool.com:

Never mind the fact that Olivia Palermo can do no wrong, am loving the leather leggings and smart shoe combo...out of my comfort zone but new things are always worth investigating...
Olivia Palermo rocks a chic fringed leather ensemble #dailymail:

And I pinned this image because my gut instinct always says 'NO' when I think of navy and black together BUT IT'S A LIE, it looks awesome!! Throw in some classic grey and bam, a winner. Also liked the tapered, smart trousers with heels!!
Grey, navy & black:

Last but not least, because no blog post over here would be complete without the obligatory Breton stripes...LOOK HOW GREAT IT'LL LOOK WITH A STRIPED JUMPER!! Also, really need to grow my hair...

Katarzyna Tusk pairs simple ripped jeans with a casual striped top and a navy overcoat.  Top: Mango, Jeans: Zara, Coat: Stefanel.:

So, after all that research it is now clear that, whilst I already own ripped jeans, Breton tops and a grey jumper, I need to look into:
White trainers (I'm thinking classic Stan Smiths??)
Black Chelsea boots
Tapered smart trousers
Smart ballet pumps
Leather leggings

Damn it! Better get started...! Which look do you prefer? Am trying to decide which one I'm going to try today on our final day of Christmas holidays...

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