13 January 2016

A fun place to visit

Have you all been to the Ice Cream Farm on the A41 in Cheshire? If you are local (and by local I mean 90mins radius, it is totes worth the drive!) then you should definitely give it a go. They have a soft playbarn, quad bikes, life-size mechanical diggers, crazy golf, small animals, a huge outdoor play area, an amazing sand and water playbarn and FIFTY flavours of icecream!! This last reason is the main reason Husband is always so happy to go!!

We discovered it about 6 months ago and have visited quite a few times since; with friends, with Husband, with Nana, on our own in the week and at the weekend (warning: get that at 10am, this place is popular!!) The cafe serves a good range of healthy food options, the staff are all chatty and friendly and the gift shop has tonnes of stuff you don't know you want or need until you arrive. I especially love the huge selection of books with cosy reading chairs for the children to snuggle up in - a sure fire way to my heart is to encourage children to read in your store!!

The play passes are a bit confuddling to begin with but once you get your head round it they make total sense. Basically, everything mentioned above is £3.50 a turn which, let's face it, would turn it into the world's most expensive day out and cause my Husband to leave and never return. But, if you buy a £10 play pass this cost automatically goes down to £2.50 a turn and can be as cheap as £1 (the more you spend on a play pass, the cheaper each turn becomes). 

EXCEPT THAT the VIP passes (usually £100 for 100 turns on activities across the site) are currently 50% off which means that each turn will only cost you 50p, a much more purse-friendly price. And there's no expiry date, even better. 

Savings - The Ice Cream Farm

Run, don't walk!! This offer only lasts until the last day of January so don't miss out. Baby may or may not be having his second birthday party here so we are making a special trip on Saturday purely to take advantage of the 50% offer. Well, that and we might eat an icecream as big as our head, it has to be done!!

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