12 January 2016

Day 12 and we have a fail!!

Oh shit, I've missed a Monday post already and it's only the second week in to the new year. Damn it!
Does it cancel out the fail if I post on Tuesday as an extra?! Who knows!!

Here are some important things we have learned this week...

Hush has reduced some items by up to 70%, run, don't walk!!

Boden has released some new Spring pieces and A2Y9 will get you 20% off!!

(Love J-Law!!) The-Pool have published a fab piece about giving yourself a 'fuck budget' to help minimise how much you care about ridiculous shit that doesn't matter one jot. I am trying hard to implement this in my own life and stop behaviour such as crying because I may or may not have implied that someone's hat looked daft (or some other such bullshit) when it actual fact the person I'm crying about didn't even hear me say it and/or didn't give a fuck what I thought so why am I up at 3am angsting about it...that kind of bollocks! A good read.

There was something else but I'm up against the clock, if Baby sleeps much longer he'll be up 'til all hours and as I have a PLA meeting this evening and am leaving Husband in charge, well, let's just say that wouldn't be fun for anyone involved. Am racing upstairs to wake him...

Enjoy the rest of your day and I shall (endeavour to) see you tomorrow x

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