29 January 2016

Friday? Fri-YAY!!

Weekend is almost upon us. It will go as follows:

School pick-up

Auntie and Niece arriving

Niece screaming at dog

Dog being insulted and licking her all the more to 'make nice'

Movie night

Fishcakes and beans

Wine for Mama (woo!!)

Niece fighting bedtime with all her might!

Auntie and Uncle off to wedding

Nana arriving with two extra dogs

Busy day trying to convince Niece that life with no sort of routine of any kind is a life of hell and as such she should subscribe to the Mama way and nap/eat/play when I suggest and we'll all instantly be a lot happier

A peaceful bedtime where no-one shouts or cries or gets upset!!

Followed by an unbroken 12 hours sleep!!

Posh Mama's huge blow-out birthday bash that she's throwing for her almost FIVE year old (how are we old enough to have FIVE year olds??? Insanity!)

Possibly more wine??

Have a good one, everyone. Share your plans in the comments below, bet none of them are as exciting and thrilling as mine ;-)


  1. haha great post girl! so glad i found your blog through the link up and hope youll stop by mine!