4 February 2016

A whole new month!!

So, here we find ourselves with a whole new month, a whole new set of chances to be happy, do fun things, challenge ourselves, tick things off our lists... and THIS year we get a bonus day too.

January has been swift and painless in this house (if you ignore this past weekend when Baby fell over on the wooden floor and popped his top teeth through his bottom lip...who knew blood spurted quite so far?!) It is traditionally the worst month of the year, with depleted funds, crappy weather, lack of plans...but ours wasn't too shoddy. We had a big birthday party to attend, a trip to my favourite city, multiple sleepovers at Nana's, friends came to visit, Husband completed quite a few little, niggly DIY jobs around the house, it was busy and fun for all involved, I think?

And now it's February. Have been thinking hard about my goals for this month so here they are:

Continue with my dry spell but from now on I'm going to try and only drink at the weekend as opposed to only on Fridays. I'm good, but I ain't THAT good ;-)

Celebrate Boy's 4.5 year birthday on 25th (Baby's half birthday nearly passed me by in October and I had to make a mad dash to the shops at 5pm, dreadful behaviour!) He is a little starlord and should be celebrated every damn day...but one extra little celebration shall suffice ;-)

Not buy a single item of clothing for myself for 29 days. This is my latest ridiculous challenge and I don't really know why I even type these things but I'm determined to give it a go! Immediately, of course, I will now find countless things I want/adore/can afford/desperately need...tis the law of sod. Ho hum...
Take my vitamins and floradix and omega oil capsules every morning. I am totally shit at this and as a consequence, feeling totally shit. Running around after Baby every day is exhausting and I'm hoping a renewed effort in this area will give me more energy??

Read 3 new books. Ta da. Short and sweet!

I shall keep you updated with my progress. The month also brings a Cancer Research committee meeting, Boy's second class assembly, a visit from Uni Girl and her brand new baby boy, a smear (Urgh!), the Valentine's Disco at school, half term holidays (YES!!) and an NCT girls' night out. So on the upside, I shan't have time to miss week night alcohol but I also might not have time to read. Uh-oh!!

Is anyone else making plans for the next 29 days? Do share!!

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