26 February 2016

Five Friday Favourites

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE. Man, we are so ready for the weekend over here. Boy woke up this morning and half sobbed into his uniform, 'Mama, I just want to stay in BED!'. You and me both, my love, you and me both! Boo!

Here's five Friday favourites to remind me that life is fine...

Bought me some jazzy pilates leggings in TKMaxx this week (turns out sportswear is also exempt from the clothes shopping ban, who knew?!) I can't decide if I love them or look like a prize tit??

Love turning around in my house and seeing random things like this...

Impromptu naked swimming lessons? Excellent! (He was absolutely desperate to get in with his big brother, eventually stripped himself off and Boy's teacher took pity on him!)

Our Boy turned 4.5yrs old yesterday and in this house we will literally celebrate anything with cake and candles. Here he is after half birthday tea with his half birthday cake (it did indeed have Lego Ninjago figures stuck on the top with 4.5 candles!!)

And I love logging onto Instagram and seeing fun, inspirational quotes like this...

Doughnuts and positivity, am going to go and send it to BFF now.

We have a delightfully quiet weekend planned, a totally lazy day pootling around the house tomorrow and then a friend's 3rd birthday party at a playbarn on Sunday morning followed by a film on the sofa. I more than need it after this week; yesterday I was held hostage outside Waitrose while Baby stood in the seat of the trolley screaming his head off for EIGHTEEN MINUTES. Eighteen. Turns out he reeeeeeally didn't want to sit down and go shopping...and then all of a sudden, he did. And it was over. And I needed a drink!

What's everyone else up to this weekend? I hope it's a good one, whatever you get up to x

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