25 February 2016

Happy Half Birthday, my love

OK, so this might just be our family, but we like to celebrate our boys' half birthdays! Bang on 6m after their big day we have a little half-birthday tea with our close family, blow out some candles and eat half a cake. It's fun, it's silly, but that half a year is kind of a big deal when you're under the age of 10ish?? Am I wrong??

Today my eldest starlord turns 4.5yrs old. He is very excited and has requested hotdogs for dinner with Nana (groan!) I can't believe it's that long since we first met in that dark hospital room, the speed with which the days fly by is frightening to me.

Will post some photos later, am off to chop a birthday cake in half, stick a Lego Ninjago man on the top and find 4.5 candles, more as I have it...

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