16 February 2016

Footwear loophole, yay!!

Now, in a fog of 'new month, new goals' hysteria I remember saying something about not buying any clothing for the month of February...? Turns out, footwear was exempt and is therefore sin-free shopping (I made the statement, I can alter it at will, ok?!)

Therefore, because it is half term, and because Baby is potty-training, and because purchasing new shoes will undoubtedly revamp and revitalise my ENTIRE wardrobe therefore eradicating the need to buy clothes and therefore actually HELPING me keep my initial promise, I have gone ahead and ordered the following...

Twisty front trainers from H&M because the originals are swoon-worthy and totally out of my price bracket!

White Lace-Up Trainers

White trainers from Next because I can't bring myself to drop £70 on some Stan Smiths!

Black Feminine Loafers

Black loafers from Next simply because I don't have any black shoes. At all. None. Apart from slut-heels, which don't really work on the school run so...?!

And then, because I didn't get hold of the gorgeous Dakota shoes last summer, and because, well just because I'm an impulse-buyer who gets Tuesday-trigger-finger and clicks 'Add to Basket' without thinking, I've ordered the new version of them, the Florida shoes from Seven Boot Lane. Turns out I will drop money on things if I like them enough, now we've just got to see how they size?? The guilty part of me is praying they're too big in a 7 and too small in a 6...ha ha!

So there we go. 4 pairs of new shoes to try on. Am hoping the cheapy white ones jazz up a few boring outfits and bring them up to date and into Spring without breaking the bank. And I'm also hoping the Florida ones are...if I'm honest I'm hoping that they're as beautiful as they look and that I adore them ;-)

Am off to make some Lego models with the boys, put away 4 baskets of laundry (woo!) and walk to Waitrose for some random bits and pieces. Yesterday (swimming and a walk at Attingham in the freezing cold sunshine) was awesome but by bedtime we were all close to tears and ready for a lazy morning at home. Holidays are designed for hibernating, I would do well to remember it!

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone. I hope you've got some relaxed plans too x

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