29 February 2016

February Recap

So, February has whizzed past us and here we are, on our bonus day, looking forward to March already. I say it every month but it really isn't until you start habitually setting goals and reviewing them that you really notice how fast life speeds by. It's quite frightening!

Anyway, last month I set myself 5 goals.

1. To only drink at the weekend
This started off well then quickly blurred into Thursdays, and horrid Mondays, and then peak of the week Wednesdays...!! Ultimately, the reason I started this challenge was to see if I lost any weight, and I didn't. So screw that, I'm back on the weekday wine!!

2. Celebrate Boy's 4.5yr birthday.
This one I managed and it was such fun. He chose the menu, we invited Nana, I made him half a Ninjago Lego cake...perfect!

3. No clothes shopping for the whole month.
I keep stopping and thinking, 'Did I really manage this one?? Surely there's something that I've bought and forgotten about...?' But no, I think I really did succeed. Granted, I bought clothes for Niece and the boys and my sister, gotta get my thrills somewhere. And I did buy 2 pairs of shoes. Oh, and one pair of Pilates leggings. But other than that, not a sausage. Yay me! Watch out, March!!

4. Take my Floradix and vitamins each morning.
Big fat fail. If anyone knows of a sure fire way to crack this then please let me know in the comments, I am totally crap at this.

5. Read 3 new books.
I read an old favourite, revisited the Gina potty training book and read the nursery prospectus when filling out Baby's forms for September...so not a true win but a start?? Must try harder!!

So 3/5 ain't bad, I'll take it.

With regards to everything else, school is going well and we have Boy's parents evening on Thursday to see how he's getting on. Pick-up drama continues with certain mothers not being happy unless they're being competitive or downright bloody miserable but am trying to distance myself as much as possible.

Baby is pretty much dry in the day now and doesn't wear a nappy for naptime anymore either. He is truly a medical marvel.

Husband has a new PA who brings him sandwiches if his meetings drag on through lunch without him asking. The way he speaks about her, well, I'm not a fan ;-)

And that's it. The months fly by but they're fairly uneventful sometimes! Back tomorrow with some goals and plans for March x

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