8 February 2016

I gave in!

So the TV died. Well, no, the satellite box died and consequently we have been without TV for 10 days now. This is no big deal in our house, we don't watch a lot of TV in the evenings and the boys are only really allowed Disney DVDs after school or at the weekend, so it hasn't been that much of an issue. But last night, after binge watching 8 episodes of Silent Witness on BBC iPlayer and then totally running out of stuff to watch while I sat on the sofa bemoaning my snotty nose, I finally allowed the Husband to sign up for netflix!

Do you guys already have it? I must admit, we are seriously late to the party (as with everything, durrh) Last night, it was dangerously close to bedtime when we signed up, you know, 8.36pm, so we stuck to an easy movie and watched Captain America. Naturally, I fell asleep half way through but this morning I was flicking through the contents with a coffee and there seems to be quite a lot of good stuff!

Making a Murderer is obviously the current favourite, but things like this just infuriate me and I'm angry enough about everyday things like parking on the school run and Husband not clearing the breakfast, I fear that a miscarriage of justice might tip me over the edge??

Now spotting THIS little beauty made my day, have you ever watched Parenthood? Proper, daytime cheese that I watched during my university days but it stopped airing in the UK long before it came to any proper conclusions. I fear this may cause me to lose weeks of my life...if I don't answer my phone it's because I've started watching Parenthood and just can't stop!

I always meant to watch this...and never got round to it. A potential contender? I can't say anything else about it...because I literally know nothing about it, just that it was meant to be excellent? Same goes for the following...

(Disclaimer: these may not all be available on netflix, I've just heard they're awesome! The reason I can't check right now will soon become apparent...)

So yeah, as with everything I do in life, after a mere 39 seconds there was a small boy peering over my coffee asking what I was up to. And just at that moment, as if the Gods hated me, THIS popped up on the screen...

Bastard Ryder and those bastard pups. 

Needless to say, Boy has been promised an episode when he gets in from school and Baby has been allowed one after his lunch which he is currently watching on the sofa, mouth agape! 

So there you have it. We have a 30 day free trial so I may be a bit quiet for the next few weeks ;-)

In other news, the lurg got Baby on Sunday but he seems to have slept it off (fingers crossed!) Boy has a snotty nose but nothing to warrant a day off watching Paw Patrol (despite his best sniffy efforts at 7.45am this morning!) I have figured out how to scratch my shopping itch whilst on a clothes-for-myself ban and am happily shopping for the boys, Husband and girlfriends! Tickets for the upcoming school disco (the ones we forgot to advertise and sell? Yeah, those ones!) are now selling like hot cakes so I can exhale again! And we have 3 house viewings on the old house, fingers crossed something happens soon.

A busy week ahead with a PLA meeting, aforementioned disco, a visit from Nana and 2 play dates for Baby. Here's hoping both of my little starlords are fixed in time for half term, can not WAIT to have them both all to myself for a whole week.

Have a great Monday, everyone. Make it a good one x

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