4 February 2016

The lurg

That pretty much sums it up over here this week.

I have that annoying virus thing that makes me feel like I'm wading through mud. Total failure at taking vitamins so far this month isn't helping much, granted, but I have intermittent headache, earache, runny nose and surges of absolute rage (followed by immediate need to lie down and recoup!) I hope it just buggers off and doesn't actually turn into anything proper.

Boy was a tiger in his assembly this morning and NAILED IT. Most lifelike growling I've heard in a long time ;-)

Also, bought some hot cloth cleanser in Boots earlier and the kind woman serving us took one look at me clamping Baby between my knees so I could pay and offered me the use of her own £5 off No.7 voucher even though I'd been given one weeks ago and promptly lost it. What an incredibly kind thing to do! Her karma has just sky-rocketed!

What else has occurred? Goddaughter has the flu and can't get her temperature below 39.6'. Boo. 

Nana and Auntie were here Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning. That was a long 24 hours!

And Uni Girl has text to remind me that she's currently dairy-free due to breastfeeding a colic/reflux baby so am now totally rethinking the menu for our meal on Saturday and of course all I can think about is cheese!!

Oh, and 'major potential fuck-up narrowly avoided' so far this year comes in the form of totally forgetting to SELL TICKETS for next week's school disco. Cue a hastily written letter to parents and Posh Mama making posters with glitter as I type. We are a hot mess of a committee!!

Right, am off to cane some more paracetamol, bathe these crazy boys and then it's Pilates class. Almost Friday :-)


  1. That first meme is exactly how I've felt for the last month. Whoever got me sick... I'm coming for you! Get well soon!

  2. I'm dying at that first meme. It's so true! Granted, it's usually my husband since he works and I'm a SAHM but he denies it, which drives me nuts ahahha

    1. I saw it and giggled!! Same situation over here, he denies all responsibility but then gets the same cold TEN TIMES WORSE!!