9 February 2016

Netflix sadness...and de-cluttering!

I may have got a bit over excited yesterday...

It turns out, as with all exciting things designed to fox you and ultimately disappoint, that there is an AMERICAN version and an English version and lo, all the shit hot shows are...not on the English one. FFS. So if you read yesterday's post and thought 'ooh, how lovely, Mad Men and Parenthood, they sound delightful...' then I can only apologise. I blame the Baby and his Ryder obsession for not letting me research accurately before I hit 'publish'! All that aside, I can now attest to Paw Patrol being thrilling viewing (today some baby turtles narrowly escaped death) and that IS available on the English netflix. So, you know, every cloud...

In other news, these arrived for Baby...

and are super cute, even in a size 2-3yrs. You know how some clothes just scream 'baby' and look daft on kids who are clearly walking and talking and about to potty train (don't ask, am in mourning for my carpets!) Well, he was desperate for new trousers, I don't like my boys in jeans and had a voucher code for Boden (G7B5, 20% off, you're welcome!) so I went ahead and ordered these even though I feared they were going to be exactly as I described above. And they look great on him. So that's a relief because a) I'm inherently shit at returning clothing if it means going anywhere near a Post Office and b) I really liked them!

These have also arrived...

and are as revolting as they look. My children categorically do not wear items of clothing with characters on, the exception to this is pyjamas and pants! Baby has been pooping on the potty for a couple of months now but is going through a small regression. I wasn't sure if this regression was because I'd started him too soon (he's not 2 until April) or if it was the natural reluctance all children exhibit once the novelty wears off and they realise you're expecting them to use the potty each and every time. There I was, pondering and questioning myself when he skipped across his bedroom, naked after bathtime, wee'd on the floor, then skipped right back to tell me about the puddle! Yes, I thought, you know exactly what to do. Let's crack on... Send wine!

Other than that we're having quite a quiet day at home (aforementioned pants are in the wash so have kind of caved and he's wearing pullups and being shown to the potty every 15 minutes...am a wuss, I know, I know!!) 

(We may well confuse your child but at least, with us, you don't get piss on your new sofa cushions!)

Uni Girl visited at the weekend, walked into our playroom and exclaimed 'God, you could open a toy shop!!' which made me laugh but also hit a nerve. This is a topic I really struggle with. Our children are very fortunate, they do not want for anything, and while I try really hard not to duplicate toys, to make sure everything we have has some sort of educational slant and isn't just 'plastic tat', I do sometimes feel that they are drowning in toys. The playroom is, whilst tidy, very full and very 'busy'. Subsequently, when she left I spent hours online and on Pinterest searching for articles with annoying patronising titles such as 'minimalist playroom', 'montessori playroom' and 'how to create a playroom that will keep your children entertained and stimulated just the right amount without taking 4 hours to tidy up each damn night when they've buggered off to bed and you're left to sort it'. That kind of stuff!

And the conclusion I've come to? What I already knew, really. They have too much stuff. Children don't play with things properly if they are too distracted in a busy room or if they have to 'dig down' to find the bloody thing in the first place. And whilst these two toys (both of which we own...)

are both beautiful and well-made and used...they do the exact same thing, no? Baby hits ball, ball moves by magical power of gravity, appears at bottom. Does he really need two toys that do the same thing?? The answer, as much as it kills me, is no! In the words of Marie Kondo, does it spark joy? If not, it really just needs to go. This bloody thing, for example...

I hate it! I bought it because, well because I was out shopping and they didn't have it already (at least it wasn't a duplicate, eh?!) But neither of the boys have ever really played with it, it just doesn't spark their joy, it just sits on the window ledge looking sad and dusty. And so, it is now in the bag for nursery. I thought I'd be sad (Husband always is when he sees the stuff destined for the charity shop!) but actually I find de-cluttering quite freeing. The sticking point with the playroom will come when I include the boys, I fear. What 'sparks their joy' won't always gel with my idea of purposeful, educational, aesthetically pleasing toys...we'll just have to learn to compromise I think?! 

Wish me luck!!

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