20 February 2016

Saturday afternoon animals

Boy finally managed to complete a whole swimming lesson without screaming (at Mama's insistence he took three extra sessions over the half term break and boy, was he pissed about it!) so he finally earned a trip to the cinema with Husband. Baby and I went with them up to Telford town centre for a jaunt. In my head we would drop them off at Cineworld, walk happily around the shops, maybe stop for a latte, chat about current affairs for 90mins...I forgot that a) adverts makes a normal length film last forever and also that, you know, b) Baby's not yet 2 and as such hates shopping and all it entails. Why did I think leaving the Bugaboo in the boot was a good idea...my back kills!

Anyway, we did indeed have a small mooch around the shops, bought some cute trousers for Niece, grabbed a latte, discussed the EU referendum...that kind of shit...and we all headed home in time for Baby's nap. Which he promptly refused. Apparently it's dry pants or naptime. You choose, Mama. Sob!

So far he's powering through though so can't complain. We've had a lovely afternoon of Lego models, Netflix kids (groan!) and Schleich animals at the big table while Husband has zipped back down to Heathrow to collect Nana who is staying the night. Am expecting big shrieks of glee when the boys bounce downstairs tomorrow at 7am...is it really wrong to blag a sneaky lie-in?!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Saturday. Potty training has meant we've stayed pretty close to home this holiday and actually, I've loved it. Am desperately trying not to think about tomorrow and then the impending Monday morning school run, muchos wine tonight I think.

Enjoy what's left of your half term/weekend, whether you've got little ones to soak up or whether you're footloose and fancy free!

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  1. Ah, potty training! That is not something I'm looking forward to. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!