18 February 2016


Shoe update:

Black flats from Next did that weird gaping thing down the sides. Why do some flat shoes do that and others not? Bizarre. Anyway, back in the bag they went.

White trainers from Next were huge, beyond huge. I normally take a 6.5 or a 7 so I thought, trainers come up big, I'll order small, ordered the 6.5 and almost fell over when I tried them on and walked across the dressing room. Back in the bag!

These little beauties arrived from H&M this morning, I ordered a 40 and bam, they fit, they are comfy and they DON'T make my feet look mahoosive (which is always the danger with big white trainers, I feel?) Have worn them immediately and adore them. I was worried they would be mega uncomfortable because they only cost £22.50 or some such nonsense, but touch wood they're fine. Love. Am tempted to buy a second pair to keep for next summer because I doubt they'll last...they are def a cheap and cheerful wardrobe updater...

(*Disclaimer: please ignore dirty kitchen floor and pale, scaly ankles!)

And the holy grail of shoes, the Floridas from Seven Boot Lane, haven't arrived yet. I guess the more you pay, the longer you have to wait...ooh the suspense!!

More as we have it...

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