1 March 2016

Wahoo, it's MARCH!

So excited for it to be a new, shiny month. February was fun and games but the 1st day of each month makes me feel all fresh and energetic and...delusional about how this month will be different. This month I won't get overdrawn and this month I won't shout at the boys, that kind of shit.

After I recapped my February goals last night I spent a long time trying to think about what I could work on this month. Firstly, I think I'm going to forget the vitamins challenge. The words 'flogging', 'dead' and 'horse' come to mind there. I give in. I am destined to be vitamin-less and stumble through life energy-less and bleary-eyed. I may as well accept my fate. And as easy as I found the no-clothes-shopping rule, let's be honest, it was a total fluke and I do have my eye on a few things adon't think I can last another 5 weeks...so that one's going too (might bring it back in April??)

Basically, my new goals are this...

1. Read 3 new books.
Didn't really manage this one in February and putting my phone down to pick up a book in the evenings is both relaxing and good for my mental stimulation. If I don't read a book in a while my vocabulary plummets and I wind up sounding like some kind of hillbilly... this is awkward at PLA meetings so...

2. Plan and enjoy our Easter trip to Bristol.
I don't want it to be too prescriptive and I def don't want to spend a fortune at kid-focussed venues (like the science museum or the zoo). I just want to relax, let the boys enjoy their surroundings, visit local parks and playgrounds, just 'be' with them once school lets out at the end of the month. We are hoping to catch up with some dear friends but I am trying to be chilled about the details and just let it all come together. Husband can't come with us because of work commitments but Nana is joining us which will be fun as the boys adore her and I have a spare pair of hands if I choose to, you know, pee at any point!

and 3. Have Goddaughter round for tea.
This one sounds quite easy but her mother (BFF) is such a creature of habit that convincing her to break with routine and let Goddaughter come here one night instead of heading home will be a mission in itself! Boy and her are such good friends, though, and it's important for them to see each other socially rather that just 'at school'.

And that's it. Am keeping it simple as we have quite a lot on the calendar. Over the next four weekends we have the forest school family fun day, Mother's Day with Nana, school open day, 2 birthday parties, 2 dinner parties, I have a night out with the girls planned and I'm sure Husband mentioned a work do. This is on top of weeknight PLA meetings, parents evening, Pilates and his football! Actually, maybe my goals this month should have been to sleep when I get a spare 5 minutes?!

Now, Baby is busy sorting out some threading beads and am allowed to shop, might just have a quick look online ;-)

Happy March, everyone. Only 19 more sleeps until Spring!

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