2 March 2016

A little grey rain cloud...

This is me. I am Eeyore under a little grey rain cloud of doom. 

Woke up to rain this morning. I bloody hate it when it rains! I hate it even more when it rains AND Posh Mama has to cancel our lovely shopping plans because her little one is sick. Poor little one and poor me. I can't cope when I don't have any plans, it makes me anxious and also very lazy! 

We have done the school run and come home to hibernate. Baby is watching Bing whilst simultaneously jamming the xbox with more than 1 DVD (aargh!) and I am blogging, trying to organise Easter Egg Bingo at school (kill me now!) and thinking about packing the swim bags for later. 

We might venture out before lunch, grab a cheeky McDonalds and then head to Zara while Baby naps in his pram. 

Fuck you, rain. Go away!!

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