30 March 2016

Life Lately...

Easter Holidays 2016. A retrospective...so far!

Boys have started wrestling. It's like they can't spend 3 minutes without one touching the other. Leeds Dad warned me this would happen. I ignored him. Now I'm wishing I'd signed Boy up for football camp for the entire holiday. WHY ALL THE CONSTANT TOUCHING???

Nephew has a party to attend and already owns the obligatory Shropshire young farmer checked shirt and navy chinos. Spent some time last night googling shoe options. Needless to say, I sent him these images and he won't have paid any attention at all...I can only try! 

Holidays mean it's time to get feet measured again. I used to love this game. Now it involves home shoes, school shoes and bastard playtime shoes and means I drop £100 in one foul swoop and I do not love it in the same way. Or at all, in fact! Yesterday, Boy's feet had grown and Baby needed casual play shoes. I decided school shoes and playtime shoes can wait until the day before school starts back!!

We head off to Center Parcs on Friday, and DAMN making a packing list is one of my favourite things to do!! Cute stationary, organising shit, doling out instructions to all and sundry?? I'm IN!

It is sunny but cold here in the shire today, but have thrown caution into the bitter wind and am wearing my new short-sleeved Hush tshirt. Not entirely sure how the girl on the website makes it look effortlessly cool and on me it looks like 'random grey tshirt'?? Could be the bootcut jeans and Ugg slippers, I suppose?? Ho hum...

Garage is coming to take away our battered car today. Hire car company is also meant to be dropping off a like-for-like vehicle to replace it...in an ideal world this would all happen at the same time. In my world, I bet feck all happens until 5.30pm after waiting in all day and then they bring me THIS as a replacement? The drive to Center Parcs will be fun then!!

And finally, our local country manor has opened its doors for the Easter holidays so we are off to tromp around the grounds in the (cold) sunshine. Hopefully, we're going to make it there today as soon as the car is sorted. If not, we're meeting Eco Mum there for lunch tomorrow. The adventure playground has apparently been updated over the winter so Boy is excited to see what's changed...more info as I have it!

And that's it. That's Life Lately over here in the shire. Must go and prise the boys apart AGAIN and then stare out of the window for a while... Hope you all have a great Wednesday, only 2 working days to go!!

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