6 August 2015

A few days late with this...

...I totally didn't realise it's August already!!

July was fun, busy and sunny and rainy and full of friends. It went by ridiculously fast. I find that some months seem to drag while others fly by in the blink of an eye, July was one of those months.
So, am going to flick through my calendar and see, what does August have in store for us over here??
Last weekend was a quiet one for us after being at the races on the Friday. Toddler had worked so hard with his new sticker chart (we're on a positive parenting drive at the moment!) so he got to call the shots on Saturday which resulted in a bike ride, a McDonald's lunch, a visit to see Nannie and Grandad and sausages for tea! It was a lovely family day, just us, quite chilled and just what we needed to regroup after a busy couple of weeks.
This weekend will be a bit different as we have tennis lessons and a big NCT party on Saturday followed by a day over at Nana's clearing her garden on Sunday. Since my Dad died gardening hasn't been a very big priority for my mother and as such the garden now resembles an overgrown jungle where plants go to die. It's hard to look at. It used to be so neat and tidy, now it's an eyesore and a constant reminder that he's not here to look after it. But it's also just a total mess. The boys can't play outside, God knows what the new neighbours think when they look out of their upstairs windows... So we are all descending en masse and the plan is to clear out all the shit, fill a skip, light a fire, strim the heck out of it...am actually looking forward to it!
Toddler starts his skiing lessons soon, which will be a birthday gift from Nana. He had a block of 4 individual lessons last summer and loved every minute so I'm hoping it's the same this time round. He blew me away, only 3 years old and took the instructor's hand without so much as a backward glance! The plan is to book a ski holiday early next year (IF the old house sells and IF Husband can get time off work etc...) so we want him to have mastered the basics beforehand.
I'm starting Pilates classes this evening. Leeds Mum has invited me to join her and since finding time to run at the moment is becoming increasingly tricky I thought I'd give it a go. No clue what to wear...?
We're off to Liverpool to visit Auntie and Niece. This is such a long trip that I haven't been able to bring myself to do it in months, which I feel awful about. I just can't make the timings work in my head around Baby's naps and meals and then the drive home would undoubtedly mean he fell asleep on the way...aargh the mere thought of it makes me panicky! So we've arranged a visit on a weekend when Husband can drive, we can BOTH deal with the hell that will ensue if Baby's schedule is thrown out and I'll be a lot more calm ;-)
Niece has her MRI this month. This is causing me some distress, but am keeping calm and strong for my sister. We will see what they find...
BFF is throwing a huge summer garden party at the end of the month so am definitely looking forward to that. A whole day of lounging around on her massive lawns drinking Pimms and eating BBQ food? I'm in!
Ooh a trip to the dentist for all 4 of us. Thrills!
Toddler turns 4!! Have just ordered the last of his birthday gifts today and his birthday tshirt arrived yesterday. I am excited about this, mainly because I love throwing parties (even small, non-party parties!) but also dreading it because I know that soon after the celebration he will start school and slip out of my grasp for good. Mew.
And the very last thing on my calendar for August is 'flights booked for Scotland'. Inverness, here we come! Really need to start researching 'flying with small children' and 'must-haves for carry-on luggage when flying for the first time on your own with 2 small boys' and other articles of a similar sounding nature. God help me!

So there you have it. I can already tell that August is going to whizz by just as quickly as June and July did...I'm already 6 days late posting this, for pete's sake!

Have you got any wonderful plans coming up in the next few weeks? My August goals are just to try and make the most of Toddler's last month at home, to plan some sweet activities to celebrate his first day of school that we can make into our own little traditions (like taking his photo, making cookies when he gets in, getting him to answer a little questionnaire...), to update my wardrobe wish list for autumn/winter, to decide what we're going to do with the bloody kitchen, and not to lose either of my children in Birmingham Airport. I'll let you know how I get on ;-)

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