26 August 2015

On germs...and horses in your stomach!

(In the car driving back from TKMaxx this morning...)

"Mama, my not feeling poorly any more. My all better."

"That's right, darling. The naughty sicky bug has all gone."

"What sicky bug?"

"You had a sicky bug in your tummy that wanted to push all your food out. That's what made you sick and made you have a sore tummy. But he's all gone now and you feel fine again."


(few mins of thinking)

"My not think it was a sicky bug, Mama."

"Really darling? What was it then?"

"My think it was a tiny horse and a tiny bird playing hopscotch."

"Well...yes...could have been I suppose...no wonder you felt rough!"

Kids are a hoot!

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