19 August 2015

Shoop shoop shoop

And so Toddler's foray into the magical world of snow sports continues. Granted, the kid has issues walking in a straight line. Granted, he's not gifted at listening, paying attention, following instructions... Granted, we have no immediate ski holidays booked just yet. But these are all piddly, insignificant facts that will not get in the way of my child being able to ski. We're paying £50 an hour for 1:1 tuition, SOMETHING has got to sink in AT SOME POINT!
I'm not sure if it's a strong desire to hold onto something we love from our pre-kid days, or an even stronger desire for my boys to be instilled with a keen sense of adventure and travel, but I am determined that he will master the skis and (hopefully) enjoy it as much as we do. Luckily, so far he loves it (obviously I'm not into flogging dead horses over here, parenting is hard enough without trying to make a Toddler do something he isn't 100% into!) Am hoping that once the old house sells, Husband will notice how keen he is and agree to a snow holiday at the start of next year maybe?? Obviously this still leaves us with the small 'issue' of Baby, but I'm sure Nana could be persuaded to tag along and assist with childcare ;-)
Here's my pinspiration for today...

Am off to triple check the ski bag ('what to wear' brings on a whole new level of angst when you're travelling to the ski dome in sunny, warm weather but then going to spend an hour in the freezing cold...?? Head hurts!) and then corral them both into the car. Lesson is at 10am so I need to give us plenty of time to drive there in rush hour, settle Baby in the cafe with a mountain of snacks and squeeze Toddler into 15 layers of clothing (only for him to decide he needs a wee a mere 3 minutes later!) IT'S ALL TOTES WORTH IT!!
Have a great Wednesday x

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