9 August 2015

Fuller than a full thing!

OK. So Saturday was the 'annual day of food' summer garden party at Dentist Mama's house and, oh my God, she excelled herself. There was shredded pork, homemade burgers, sausages, 6 different side dishes, fresh breads, cheeses, 4 different puddings, Pimms...the list goes on and on. Boys were delirious in the paddling pool with their little buddies so Mama here just sat and ate and ate and ate...I was like the hungry feckin' caterpillar.
Today we were at Nana's all day attacking her jungle (read: garden) and once again I have stuffed my face like some kind of insatiable Labrador. I ate an entire roast, then filched a Bounty bar, then a chocolate biscuit, then we all had scones for supper...blee...
I literally can not press my abdomen without feeling ill. I feel 6 months pregnant, like I've officially run out of room and it has to stop.
Seriously, this evening I am all 3!!!
Tomorrow the healthy eating starts AGAIN!!!

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