6 August 2015

Autumn/Winter wishlist

Always good to have a list to refer to, add to, help you focus when you're out and about wandering leisurely around the shops, browsing at your own pace, sipping a latte (read: shopping online late at night because your two small children never let you shop anymore, they're both horrid!)
Here's what's on my shopping list for the next few months...
My last pair of knee-high brown boots were cheap as chips off amazon of all places and they lasted me an entire winter during which I wore them every. single. day! I still have them in the mudroom, but if I'm honest, they have been worn into the ground and are well overdue a trip to the skips. Sad times. These new beauties might ease the pain of their passing...?!
Cashmere bed socks, because, well, because they're cashmere bloody bed socks!!
Have been thinking about a denim dress for a while and I think one with longer sleeves might suit the whole Autumn transition phase quite well. This one looks like it's crying out for some thick tights and the boots above!!
Have been lusting after some biker boots ever since Laura (http://wearingittoday.blogspot.co.uk/) posted this photo of her on maternity leave some 2 years ago. This year might be the year I sort it out??
And Kat (http://doesmybumlook40.blogspot.co.uk/) recommended a tonne of classic white shirts last week which is something my wardrobe is totally lacking. Have ordered one from M&S to try on next week...
I'm in love with these tan ankle boots from Dune
And I think I have ordered this top but the short-sleeved version in navy/orange in the M&S sale. We shall see when the parcel arrives!
When I thought about writing this post I was SURE I going to need a photo of the knitted Boden coatigan thing I ordered last week, adamant that I would adore and cherish it for all time...but it looked DREADFUL on me and was the itchiest thing I have ever touched in my adult life. Insane. It got bundled back into the bag so fast I almost got whiplash. Yack.
I'm sure there's other things I have looked at recently and thought 'ooh, yes, maybe...' but for the life of me I can't think what they are at the moment and after a short 65mins nap Baby has just woken up shrieking so I had better go and rescue him before he needs therapy later on in life. 
What's on your wishlist for the next few months? Let me know if you've seen anything lust-worthy!

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