9 May 2016

Monday Monday

Am channelling this...

But am trying to change my mindset to this...

Niece is still here although Auntie is coming to collect her around lunchtime today supposedly! I managed to do the school run with 3 children under 5 years old (woo!) and we weren't late (even more woo!) I rewarded the babies, and me, with an episode of Paw Patrol when we got back and since then they've been playing quietly in the playroom. I am aware that this probably means every single toy we own is scattered over the floor but frankly, it has meant a hot coffee, so I'll let it slide this once...!

Having a nice lazy day here in the shire. Puttering around and tidying the house after an amazing family weekend in the sunshine, then hitting up Aldi and seeing BFF for coffee this afternoon. Boy doesn't finish school on a Monday until 4.30pm and that extra hour makes such a difference, feels like we have all the time in the world to get things done.

Hope you all have a nice start to your week. This Mama has two pilates classes, a PLA meeting, a shopping trip with BFF, Toddler's 2 year review with the health visitor (groan!), a visit to the dentist with both boys and a duck race. True story!

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