17 January 2016

Sunday Updates...

We have had such a fun weekend. On Friday I collected Boy from school and we headed straight to Nana's house for tea and a sleepover. Husband stayed at home with the dog for some well deserved R&R and after the boys were full of pizza and settled down in their new bedroom, this Mama snuck out for dinner with three of the best girls I know.

We went to The Plough in Shenstone which is run by the couple who used to own The Trooper in Wall (or so I'm led to believe?!) Such a nice place. The menu is long and varied, the wait staff were attentive and helpful (menu suggestions etc..) and the bar staff were great. Our table powered through several bottles of Prosecco and I wasn't even drinking! Our meals were all delicious and the two puddings we sampled were great too. We will definitely return.
Company wise it was also a hit. Posh Mama has a dear friend who lives literally ten doors down from Eco-Mama...go figure?! So the four of us got together and laughed so hard we got looks from other diners. It was a hoot. Posh Mama said it perfectly the next morning (through her post-Prosecco slitty eyes!!) when she text to say 'When you have a friend you love, you so badly want the other friends you love to love them too...' And luckily, we did. Her friend, who we shall henceforth call 'Sweary Mama', is incredibly smart, funny, rude and sarcastic. I liked her immediately!

On Saturday my amazing mother took the boys downstairs when they woke at 7.50am (sounds great but they had been up in the night!) and let me lie-in until almost 10am.

I could have cried with gratitude! The only downside was that all that sleep had given me the most almighty headache it was like I HAD drunk all the Prosecco the night before. Bad times. After a couple of nurofen I rallied and we headed off to the Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall to meet Auntie, Uncle and Niece. My God, the boys love it there. It was baltic, drizzly, busy and getting dark but they were beside themselves with glee. Hey, whatever makes them happy, right? Luckily, I'd checked the weather forecast and we were wrapped up warm with waterproof coats so didn't feel it too much.

(Auntie lost Baby in here and panicked, idiot!)

Husband was happy to see us when we got home at 5.30pm; I like to think it's because he'd not seen us since Friday morning but in all honesty it was probably because we brought home a McDonalds (needs must!)

Today has been successfully lazy, just what we all needed. We walked to Waitrose to get a small number of supplies (milk, profiteroles, all the basics!) and Boy rode his bike and then we have put up some shelves, made some Lego models, grumped at each other over small, insignificant facts, it's been a very nice Sunday really.
The obligatory New Year Resolution roast dinner has been accomplished (first one I've actually cooked as opposed to just eating!) We went with pork. It tasted like...tyres?? Not my finest hour but the vegetables and roasties were immense and saved the meal. Onwards and upwards... Frankly I didn't really notice the shit meat as I was too sad about drinking orange squash out of a wine glass. Grr!
Husband is just gearing up to start his huge ironing pile of shirts and I'm gearing up to wrestle these two maniacs into bed before another week of school runs. Baby and I have a coffee/playdate with some new twin friends tomorrow morning which I'm excited about and then a PLA meeting at the pub on Wednesday which is always fun. Won't be able to drink wine though, DAMN THIS RESOLUTION TO HELL AND BACK!!

Remember, it'll soon be Friday again!! Have a great Sunday evening everyone, make it count!!

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