25 April 2015

Things we've learned...

Ok. It was Friday. It had been a long, hard day involving a play date with a child who had taken to chasing the dog around the garden with a plastic sword (grimace), then Toddler fell asleep on the sofa while I was prepping dinner and woke up whinging (kill me now, anything but the whinge!) then Baby decided pesto pasta was evil and demanded yoghurt in between mouthfuls (kids are so weird, declines pasta but the revolting combo of pesto pasta AND blueberry onken? Bring it!)
So, I was feeling shattered and cross. Husband walked in at 6.25pm and I suddenly jumped up, shrieked 'I'm just racing to tkmaxx to grab that chair I found for our bedroom...' and slammed the door behind me. He didn't even have time to respond!
First thing we learned? Don't drive anywhere on a Friday evening for two good reasons. 1. Traffic. And 2. You really shouldn't sit down at this time of day or you will fall asleep, crash and die. 
Moving swiftly on...
Got to Tkmaxx and Lo, chair had gone. Stood around for a while staring at the space it had been in on Wednesday, looking confused and bewildered, hoping if I stood there long enough it would reappear or get returned?? I don't really know. When it got to scary-shoplifter stage of stationery I mooched around the rest of the store (it was quite leisurely, no one asked me to hurry or announced they needed a wee, I did at one point have a small panic attack about where I'd left the pushchair but it didn't last long!) and chose a different chair and some decorative cushions (because, well why not?!)
BUT the main point of this story is education. And here's the kisser. When you live in a small cottage...measure the stairs before you buy anything. 
Husband swore a lot. Toddler looked bemused (because, after his mammoth nap, he was still up when I returned at 8.30 and didn't go quiet until gone 9pm, gah!). Baby slept through the whole debacle. But we eventually got it up the stairs and into our room where it looks wonderful. All I've got to do now is paint the whole damn room to match!

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