6 April 2015

A week of silence...

...and for that I can only apologise. 
In short, April so far has been Go Ape with Toddler (petrifying, never again, would rather give birth in public) and then 4 solid days of packing / moving / unpacking / sorting / recycling / binning / sorting again during which I celebrated my birthday, yay!!
Baby decided that one molar just wouldn't do so has decided to crack on and cut the other three. This is painful for everyone, especially me and my ears. 
Husband was in the office on moving day and on call on my birthday so disappeared at 3pm yesterday. Was fleetingly furious, then remembered he pays for this gorge new house so quickly let it go...!
Nana has gone skiing. Again. On my birthday. Again. 
Big Sis and Lil Bro have been here for the long weekend helping with the boys and the house. This has been wonderful because we never get to bloody see them and because Big Sis is a unpacking and sorting GENIUS!! Between us, with busy Toddler and teething Baby we have unpacked 43 boxes and moved countless bits of furniture. Husband and Lil Bro have popped some items in the shed and loft and hung the TV on the chimney breast. That's all we need to say about priorities right there!! 
Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday so we have one more day with Husband at home before 'normality' hits. I physically can not wait. Feel like I'm in some kind of weird limbo, it's probably because our belongings are scattered across this new, alien building and I can't find things I need which I know I've seen. Yesterday we dropped £30 on a new friggin' bike helmet for Toddler because his original one just isn't here. It isn't. I know I have more space etc...but it really isn't here?? And I really wanted him to ride his bike at the big park in the sunshine for my birthday. So needs must. 
So I'm eager for things to calm down and settle and for us to get into our normal routine. That's terribly boring isn't it?
First things first though, egg hunt at the Big House tomorrow, yay!!

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