17 April 2015

Friday Favourites

Quick one before the weekend. Was meant to be celebrating my birthday in Edinburgh but for a multitude of reasons I'm now staying at home with my 4 gorgeous boys, not too shabby in actual fact! So here's some Friday Favourites...
1. The fact that I've finally got round to moving the coffee cups and kettle to the correct place in the new kitchen. This seems small and daft but when you make 13 cups of coffee before 1pm these items really need to be in the right spot or you'll soon go cray-cray. Am a lot happier now they are living in the space my hand was automatically reaching for (never second-guess your coffee-hand, it knows what is right and true!!)
2. The fact that SAHD text this morning to say he was making a run out to the skips in his van and did I have any rubbish I needed rid of...errr YES! Done and done. Happy Mama!
3. BFF and god-daughter popped round for coffee and cake this morning and it was so heart-warming to see both Toddlers playing outside for an hour or so without any adult intervention or direction. Those two are just the best of frenemies, love it.
4. Baby may well have the chicken pox, he's been hot and lethargic for 24hrs now, and I'm trying to make that into a positive as this way, if he sprouts now, it'll be gone by his birthday. Please God, either make it go away or make it hurry!
5. We have a day of outdoor pursuits planned at Attingham tomorrow, cycling with no stabilisers, coffee on the playing field, a stomp through the forest, hot soup and rolls for lunch...it's gonna be good.
6. Dirty take-out tonight for tea. The healthy veg-filled fish pie is all cooked and ready to reheat later...pah ha ha suckers, we're having curry!
and lastly
7. I am grateful for true friends who reassure me that I'm not going insane. That's all that needs to be said about that.
Busy week, made worse for a while by the lack of diary, but am now back on track and determined to salvage the weekend. Come on 6pm, we want Husband home so we can close the door, snuggle up to watch Paddington and spend some quality time together as a family! Have a wonderful weekend everyone xx

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