20 October 2016

Sniff sniff

Apologies for the disjointed timetable of posts, lots has happened in one week here in the shire and my writing time has apparently vanished down a black hole.

Very quickly, before I drive up to Telford on a moment's notice because Husband (despite working in IT) has left his laptop on the sofa and can't really function without it, I thought I'd let you know about something yummy I picked up in Grand Central the other day.

Once every 6 months, a bestie from university has to travel to Birmingham for work so Nana comes and takes over childcare and I run screaming into the city for one blissful afternoon of shopping, cocktails and dinner that I haven't prepared myself! The first place I headed for when I jumped off the train this time was Jo Malone.

Image result for jo malone grand central

I have been lusting over some Jo Malone fragrance for probably a few years, but never gone ahead and purchased any. If I'm honest, there were 3 things holding me back. 

1. I always wear Coco Mademoiselle and Husband buys a new bottle every year at Christmas (we're nothing if not predictable!) I didn't want to drop £43 on something that I might not wear that often...? 
2. I had the very real fear that I'd smell like a living room candle? 

and 3. Once I'm in the damn shop, I lose the ability to distinguish between any of the bottles. I just wind up sniffing a lot of samples, then going nose blind and leaving with nothing except a small headache.

Anyway, to hell with it. I took the plunge. Some days of freedom just call for an expensive tiny bottle of fragrance wrapped up in fancy ribbon!

Image result for cucumber and earl grey

I went for Earl Grey and Cucumber. Do NOT comment on this post to tell me if this is a man's fragrance. I do not want to know! I just know I liked it, so I bought it.

You can grab some here...but don't blame me if anyone looks at you oddly and says you smell like their doctor's surgery ;-)

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