12 October 2016

Feeling honoured

So, I have some exciting news...I was asked to submit an 'All About Me' questionnaire for a new blog platform and Mama of Boys was officially featured this week!! Am in shock!!

Charlotte from Fox Socks has created a new blog called Blog Socks which features new, small, unknown blogs in an attempt to signpost people to their (potential) new favourite blog. She says it better than me...

"Blog Socks is a space for interviews with bloggers, to help you find your new favourite blog. Born from a frustration with never finding the smaller (and often brilliant) online spaces thanks, in part, to Bloglovin’s dismissal of its up and coming feature, Blog Socks will celebrate all sorts of online spaces, as recommended by you."

How selfless and encouraging is that? As soon as I read about it via Twitter I wanted to be involved but was reluctant... I still feel a bit shy and silly about my blog but Charlotte tweeted me and asked me to be involved, so I swallowed my nerves and bit the bullet. Am so pleased I did. I feel quite honoured to be included, and so proud to see my words featured on someone else's website. That's HUGE!! I keep clicking on the link and just gazing at the header with MY NAME on. Crazy times.

You can find my interview here but don't forget to check out all the other great blogs that Charlotte has linked to... I've already discovered two new blogs that I'm really enjoying. Maybe you will, too!

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  1. So pleased to have you on board :D yours was honestly my favourite interview so far