7 October 2016


Woo, the weekend is coming. Happy Friday, everyone. This week has been relatively quiet and mundane which is a novelty. Boy has only grumbled about life in Year 1 once and Toddler, whilst acquiring the delightful new skill of screaming when things don't go his way, seems quite happy with his lot in life. Dog has resumed the endless scratching in the middle of the night (yawn!) and Husband is working until 10pm most nights but hey, can't have everyone happy, right?!

Here's two pretty things to lust over this weekend...

Camera bag (£19) from Accessorize. Why, yes, it IS remarkably similar to the JCrew one I've been eyeing up for weeks for a fraction of the cost, thank you for validating that purchase!

Image 3 of FLAT STRAPPY SHOES from Zara

Pretty pretty ballet pumps from Zara (£40). Would they just be a faff doing up, though??

Two photos from the shire this week...

Perfect autumn day, cold and sunny on the school run.

Cheese and wine tasting night at school, I may have been sitting on the same table as the headteacher and I may have slurred my words towards the end of the evening. The shame!

Two things to book into your calendar...

Best pumpkin day around. Check out the details here.

Reindeer Lodge Santa's Grotto, Cheshire Oaks, Chester.

And you can't deny it, it's coming, you may as well embrace it and book a slot to meet and greet the big guy ;-)

Two things to throw in the oven this weekend...

Chorizo and Chickpea Stew

Chorizo and chick pea stew. Nom nom nom.

And selfishly, two things I'm really looking forward to...

Image result for weston park adventure playground

Riding our bikes here on Saturday

Image result for malmaison birmingham

Grabbing a drink or two in this beautiful bar this month!!

Am off to soft play with Toddler, then we have 158 household jobs to do, phonecalls to make, dinner to prep and the WEEKEND to welcome. Arrive derci x

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