28 October 2016

First week of half term

7 days gone already and man, it's flown by. I don't want to start a war with other Mummy bloggers, but I really don't understand these people who dread school holidays and who are pulling their hair out by Tuesday afternoon. I adore the holidays. They are literally what get me through the school run every day! I appreciate this makes me a bit of an oddity, though, so it's best we keep that info just between us ;-)

Here's some quick pics of what we've been up to this week...

On Monday we whizzed down the M5 to meet some gorgeous friends at Cotswold Farm Park. I worked with Bristol Mama before Boy was born, and now between us we have three tearaway boys and one more on the way (she's due in Feb!) We only get to see each other twice a year, so make the most of it. I adore her and her husband, they are genuinely GOOD people who we are so honoured to call part of our crew. Her son is divine.

Our country boys showing the city boy a sheep!

Toddler was in his element.

  This is always a nerve-wracking experience. Please, sweet baby Jesus, don't let him kill that chick!

And that is a truly crap photo, but that was me at 6.24am on Tuesday morning. Toddler just popped in to say 'hi', disturbed Dog, who promptly climbed up my chest to let me know it was time for breakfast. Yawn!!

Wednesday brought haircuts... and afterwards we needed an afternoon at home to recover from the wailing (seriously, Boy's hair must have nerve endings or something, the noise is INSANE!) I was just beginning to lose the ringing in my ears when Toddler pootled into the den to announce 'here comes Rubble on the double...' holding all of his construction gear. Cute!!

Thursday was a stomp around Birches Valley with some NCT friends and today we're off to Trentham Gardens to meet Auntie, Niece and Nana. I'm really hoping my sister behaves herself as I have to drive my children home again so can't even drink my way through the visit. Groan!

And, surprise surprise!!, Boy spent his holiday pocket money on yet more Lego!

This weekend was SUPPOSED to be our dirty weekend away at Mal Maison in Birmingham that I planned months ago. The first weekend we've had away since Toddler was born, might I add. And it is now cancelled due to Husband being called away to Barcelona with 12 hours notice. He doesn't get back home until Monday. Can you bloody believe it? I had Nana babysitting, meals in the freezer, Halloween activities planned to keep them busy, a new outfit and heels ready to go...gutted.

Have cheered myself up with a huge G&T in the bath, a favourite dinner of mine that I never make because he won't eat it and an online shopping spree at John Lewis. I'll let you know what I bought next week ;-)

Have a lovely weekend, friends x

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