3 October 2016

The weekend

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Ahh, the weekend. Such a special time, sometimes marred by frayed tempers and grumpy Husbands but always, always precious and valued. 

Saturday was rainy so we ventured to B&Q and solved the age old problem called 'why have we lived in this house for 18 months and never made an extra shelf for the wardrobe in the boys' room that causes me such aggro every time I open the wretched doors...?' before watching two (TWO!) Disney movies on the sofa. 

We also removed the stair gate on the boys' bedroom door. The stair gate that we used for, ooh, possibly 3 nights when Toddler moved into a big boy bed in July and have never used since. It has simply hung there, an ugly addition that bangs and clanks against the wooden door whenever Boy gets up for a wee in the night. Be gone, horrid stair gate! 

Sunday was GLORIOUS so we all headed to rubbly (I am a fairweather rugby mother, don't judge!) and then made plans to bike ride / dog walk / eat a huge roast dinner with Leeds Dad and family which was just perfect. A really enjoyable Sunday. Am sad it is over.

The week ahead looks relatively quiet. This Mama has a few phone calls to make, an Aldi shop to complete (the checkout is like my own personal Olympic challenge, grr!), swimming lessons to get through and a Cheese and Wine night at school to enjoy. May even sneak in a little trip to Ikea with Posh Mama who finally has a beautiful barn to fill...

Have a great Monday, everyone. I am determined to stick with the positive approach that I mentioned last week...wish me luck!

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