10 October 2016

A new discovery

On Friday, Toddler and I nipped up to the local retail park to choose a birthday gift and visit Pets at Home (their animals are like a free trip to the petting zoo!) Whilst there, we ran into Matalan and lo, they had started unpacking Christmas just that morning. I have made no secret of how awesome I think Matalan's Christmas range is, I could spend a small fortune in there each and every year...

Kids Christmas Dinner Plate (24cm)

I mean, how stinking cute is this?? Only £2. I picked it up and then swapped it for some melamine ones, may have to return...

Guard Christmas Nutcracker (62cm x 11cm x 61cm)

And check out this guy, I want him on my mantelpiece!

Round Ceramic Christmas Hanging Sign (20cm x 20cm)

Classic design, so beautiful.

You can find it all online here, but I strongly recommend going in to store and having a look, and try to catch them when they go into the sales...well worth a last minute shop to open next December ;-)

BUT I wasn't on a Christmas shopping mission. I wasn't actually on any kind of mission other than wasting 10 mins of time before lunch...but I stumbled upon Matalan's active wear. And it's really rather nice.

A couple of years ago I went through a wardrobe clearing out phase where I was convinced hoodies were 'holding me back', something I wore at university and therefore did no longer belong in my closet. I know, I know, I am reminded of it every time I shiver! But on a day to day basis, this decision worked out fine. I have plenty of thin jumpers that I wear instead and on the whole I don't miss my hoodies one jot. 

But all of a sudden, the weather has changed and I was getting a bit tired of walking down the high street to yoga class and being cold. I was looking for one of those zip-up hoodies that are oddly fleecy inside and almost soft-shell material on the outside?? I don't know what they're called but I had seen one in TKMaxx a few weeks ago for £25...

Anyway, Matalan have loads. And they're all cheaper!

Typically, I can't find mine online but it's very similar to this...

Souluxe Zip Through Hoodie

...except mine goes over my head. Only £18? Bargain!

They've also got awesome leggings...

Souluxe Full Length Leggings

only £14

Souluxe long sleeve Top
 for £10!

I know where I'll be headed next time I want some active wear!!

So yes, we did come home with a new 'smart' hoodie and we may also have picked up some new plastic Christmas plates and bowls...WHAT? They'd be sold out if I left it ;-)

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