5 October 2016

Netflix and chill

Apologies, today's post is late, late, late...Wednesdays are always mental (two lots of swimming lessons on top of everything else) so I normally write my post on a Tuesday night. Last night, however, Husband was working late so I took full advantage of an empty house, made a nest on the sofa and watched 3 episodes of The Good Wife on Netflix!!

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A few months ago, I wrote about the fact that I don't seem to have any spare mental energy left at the end of each day to tackle any new TV shows or novels. I desperately wanted to 'get my teeth into' something new that would last me a few hours, days, weeks...but couldn't bring myself to choose anything. Instead I'd just sit around night after night grumping about the fact that I had nothing to watch and feeling completely uninspired.

It was a funk and I'm glad to say I am out the other side. I eventually chose The Good Wife after seeing many positive reviews and I LOVE IT! Each episode has an individual law case but the main characters are developing nicely across the season. I don't much care for the husband (a state attorney who got 'set-up' by his rivals and is now in prison) and I sometimes wonder how Alicia gets anything done at home if she's working 6am-11pm but I guess that's the joy of a) being rich b) having teenage children and c) being fictional! God, I'd love to be fictional. I'd get so much done!!

In other news, have ordered these for Goddaughter's 6th birthday (coming up fast)...

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Really fun general knowledge, literacy and numeracy quiz cards. Boys had the 3-4 and 4-5 set and loved them. Great for car journeys or games over the breakfast table, available here
(The age 7-8 one has some US specific questions!)

And ordered this because, frankly, every little girl (and boy!) should have a copy. Available on amazon but it says there's a delay in delivery...?

Must dash, have 101 things to do before the school run and the next swimming session. Roll on 7.15pm and a large glass of gin and tonic!!

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Back Friday xx

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