29 December 2015

A Christmas round up

Greetings from the depths of Christmas madness. I am just coming up for air!

I shan't apologise about the lack of posts, I doubt any of you had any time to even check this blog over the last week or so! Life here has been rather ridiculous but all in good spirits; the boys have had an excellent time. We have visited Santa, eaten mince pies, been to Christmas drinks parties, given out dog treats for an advent activity, completed last minute rushed shopping, fallen out with each other, filled the recycling bin (twice!), eaten a LOT of turkey, celebrated Lichfield-Christmas (in Birmingham!), had some snoozy lie-ins, gone through quite a lot of batteries...it's been fun. I am, however, ready for normality again now, thanks very much. I had hoped today would be that day because Husband did mention going back into the office today...the fact that he's still snoring in bed at 8am leads me to suspect this is not going to happen. Ho hum. Is it ungrateful to be frustrated?!

Anyway, an update. My Christmas gifts were mostly delightful. Am in love with my new coat
Double-breasted wool coat
and my watch is just what I wanted although, even after sending it back with Husband twice to have a link removed, it is still too big. I know, I know, I really needed to go WITH the watch to get it sized accurately but the thought of dragging the boys to the shops was more than I could handle. Third time's the charm!! The dress from Hush also looked like a weird black bin liner so that's got to go back (MUST do that today!) but I cheered myself up by replacing it with a skirt AND dress from the Boden sale so fingers crossed they fit better.
I also got a bottle of this under the tree...
which was a nice surprise, if not totally unprompted!

And that was that, a few bigger things to add to my wardrobe rather than lots of little bits of tat!

Our Dyson also upped and died on Tuesday last week so Santa brought this a bit early...

Living the dream!! The boys are delirious about the retractable plug and, as such, keep asking if they can hoover for me. I love it!

Snuggled down on Saturday night to watch the Agatha Christie special 'And then there were none'. Man, I wanted it to be so great. It wasn't. What an incredible let-down. Excellent acting and scenery but...meh. The end wasn't what I wanted it to be. Ho hum... Higher hopes for Sherlock on Friday night.

So apart from taking parcels to the post office, this week is going to be a nice, lazy week of forgetting which day it is and seeing some lovely friends for playdates. Today we are off to BFF's at 10.30am, tomorrow we are going to Shenstone to see Eco-Mama and the blond-haired wonder boy, Thursday is free as a bird and on Friday we're seeing some of Boy's schoolmates for a bike ride if the weather holds. Am leaving the shit jobs such as new school shoes until next week, they will not blight my holiday time!

Must do my end of year post on Thursday and post my resolutions on Friday, one of which will be implementing a proper blog-post schedule (I'm fine if I have a plan, ad-hoc posting and me don't mix!)

Hope Santa brought you something beautiful, almost time to take all the decorations down!!

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