31 December 2015

So long 2015...

You were the year my youngest son turned 1 and I waved goodbye to that precious first year for the second time.

You were the year that brought us endless stress and angst...but then we finally got the keys to our forever home which we love.

You were the year my firstborn started school and my heart cracked open a little wider.

When you list it like that, it seems like it's been quite a quiet, boring year for Mama. Except, I think those three events (and the details that came before them/are still dragging on after them!) were huge, monumental, even life-changing and actually, when I look back on 2015 I see a lot of happy memories but a LOT of fatigue and hard work and sleepless nights.

Here's to 2016. May it be calmer, more peaceful, slower and sweeter!

Gonna get these little whirlwinds into bed, crack open a bottle of champagne with my love and then work on my resolutions...

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