4 December 2015

Be still my heart...

This week has been far too emotional for my liking. From Tuesday evening onwards it has been a veritable roller coaster for reasons I a) shan't bore you with and b) can't bring myself to relive just yet. 

It's now Friday night and I can not tell you how happy I am to be snuggled up on the sofa under our new fleecy, Christmas blanket (thank you, Asda!) with a large glass of wine and no school tomorrow. 

This also helps no end...

My entire adult life I have dreamed of a house big enough for a real tree, a mammoth tree, and this year we have finally made that dream a reality (we can't afford baubles to decorate it due to STILL paying two mortgages but this isn't a post focussing on shit!!)

Am so happy. It's only been standing there since 6.30pm but every time I walk past it I give it a tiny stroke and it makes me feel a little happier. 

What do they say? Make your home safe and cosy, let them know that whatever is happening out in the big, wide world your home is their refuge, their little haven of calm and security. 

Our tree helps me remember that on this difficult week. 

Now, where are the bastard fairy lights?!

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